Topless bars

Mike and Stef are getting married next month and I’ve been tasked with helping them plan their joint bachelor/ette party (I’ll be performing the wedding ceremony as well). My instructions are to find a good, but not too expensive, topless bar. No problem, right? Wrong, apparently. Most strip clubs are automatically ruled out because, in California, you can have full nudity or alcohol, but not both. Unfortunately, most places opt for full nudity and non-alcoholic drinks, but we decided alcohol is absolutely essential.

LA seems to have a real shortage of topless bars, but I have found a couple of possibilities. Last night Sarai and I checked out Pleasures in Pasadena. Our first drinks, ordered at the bar, were good, but our second, ordered from a waitress, were pretty weak. The girls were mostly unremarkable. Pleasures has a reputation as a bit of a dive, so I was hoping they’d have at least a few interesting girls, girls who don’t fit in at your more mainstream clubs (tattoos, piercings, colored hair, etc), but it was mostly just your standard fare. Cheetah’s comes recommended, as does Jumbo’s Clown Room, but I haven’t been to either one so I don’t really have any idea what they’re like.

What we really need is a burlesque club, something like The Slipper Room in NYC. Somewhere where we can see someone dancing topless while spinning like 15 hula hoops. That’s entertainment. But as far as I know, LA doesn’t have anything even close.


Cheetahs my friend. Cheetahs.