Antibiotics and alcohol

It seems that something I’ve always heard, something everyone seems to know is true, isn’t really true after all. Last night Sarai and I were wondering if she should avoid alcohol because she’s taking penicillin. Conventional wisdom says that you’re not supposed to drink alcohol when taking antibiotics because it can decrease the effectiveness of the antibiotic. But is that really true, or a myth?

So I decided to do some scientific research. I called ten pharmacies and asked. Of the ten, eight said that it’s ok to drink in moderation while taking antibiotics. Two said it should probably be avoided, but one couldn’t give me a reason other than some vague thing about how you should avoid any alcohol when taking prescription medication, and the other said what I’ve heard before, that alcohol can cause the antibiotic to not work.

WebMD says that penicillin combined with alcohol could cause stomach irritation, so drink in moderation, but they don’t say to avoid it entirely.


saraicat says:

veddy interestink.

I have been told by doctors not to drink while on the antibiotics they were giving me, but I can’t remember what sort of antibiotics they were.

Jo Jo says:

Well i did drink this weekend and then took my antibiotic pill when i got home and still tipsy and later on that night i vomited and felt really sick. it ruined my weekend i got red bumps all over my body that have been there for two days!? so i wouldn’t drink with taking antibiotics!!