Convergence IX

Ok, everyone stop talking about Convergence!

I’m just upset because I’m not going. I want to, I haven’t been to a Convergence since C6, and besides, it’s Las Vegas. Vegas is always fun, and it’s so close, but this is just bad timing for both Sarai and me. We just had all those moving expenses recently, and we’re going up to San Francisco for a few days just two weeks after C9. So everyone who’s going, have a drink or three for me.

It looks like I’ve got a short (one or two day) but well paying contracting job coming up, thanks to Nathan. It’s too bad this didn’t happen about a month earlier.


eliane says:

we aren’t going either…i have school and we’re broke and saving for Italy.

I think i’m going to have to avoid LJ for a while afterwards or I’ll be too miserable. Its more vegas than convergence, but the fact i’ll be sitting here writing papers and studying for exams just makes it too terrible.

Hope you guys are doing ok. Hi to the kitties