Drama at Mailboxes Etc.

I had quite an adventure yesterday. It all started when I took a break from work to run a couple of errands and stopped by the local Mailboxes Etc (3579 E. Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA) to make a photocopy. Their copy machine didn’t say which way to position the original, so of course my first attempt came out the wrong way. I corrected the original and tried again, but it turns out their crappy copier also cuts an inch and a half off the top. Third time’s a charm, right? I adjust the original and make one more copy, this one coming out fine.

Now the excitement begins. I tell the cashier, an older woman, presumably the owner, about the copier problems and that I really only needed one copy. She says it’s not a big deal, copies are cheap, she’ll just charge me for all three. She’s right, it wasn’t a big deal except that she didn’t even attempt to apologize for her copier sucking. So I explain the problem to her and she flies off the handle telling me to just pay for all three pages and that Staples would charge me for all three too if I were there. Fine, whatever, like I said, this is really a matter of a few cents so I just told ok, just give me my change. I walked out muttering something under my breath like “jesus christ” or something like that.

I get out to my car, seal an envelope, and deposit it in a nearby public mailbox. That’s when I notice the woman walking towards me with an older man and the younger, thick-necked, monkey-faced copyboy who was working in the store. The older guy starts yelling at me asking me why I called his wife a bitch. Eh? I don’t recall doing that. I tell him he’s crazy and get out my keys. The woman jumps in front of me, blocking my car door and the younger guy gets in my face telling me I had better apologize to her. Ok, that’s enough. I tell him I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about and he better get this woman the fuck away from my car. This goes back and forth a few times, with the older guy telling me he’s going to call the police. I decide to save him the bother and proceed to call them myself on my cell phone. A locksmith van pulls up while I’m waiting for someone to answer the phone and the older guy talks to the three guys who get out for a minute before going back inside the store. These three guys come over to where we are and start talking to the younger guy. I couldn’t hear most of what they were saying except I caught “… he’s not going anywhere”.

Once I finally get Pasadena PD on the phone I tell them I need report someone for harassment, threats, and interfering with my ability to get in my car and leave. They say they’ll send someone out right away and ask my location. As soon as I say “Mailboxes Etc” he says, “Wait a minute, we’ve got someone else on the other line about that right now. We’re telling him he better let you go”. I tell them I want to file charges regardless. A minute later the older guy comes back out hurriedly telling everyone to get away from me and let me go. The cop offers to have an officer meet me somewhere else so I can file a report, and while I was tempted, I really had to be getting back to work, so I declined. They all just stood around in front of the store and watched me drive away.

This reminds me of the time a few years ago a woman at a mini-mart was convinced I had given her a counterfeit $20 bill. Why? It was one of the new bill designs; this was shortly after they were put into circulation. She accepted it at first, then came next door to the laundromat where I was and started yelling that she was going to call the police. I told her to go right ahead and that they could find me inside doing my laundry when they arrived. They never showed up. Go figure.

Why do I always get the crazies?


raindrops says:

Man, I think Spring has just brought out the crazy in everyone.

Least your adventure ended better than mine.

goffchick says:

Um, wow. What a load of psychos. At least you handled it well (with the “he’s not going anywhere” I was beginning to worry if they’d fucked up the locks to your car to keep you from leaving, they sounded psychotic enough).

angeldye says:

jeeeesus fucking shit… this makes me hate people more and more..

kchrist says:

No, this whole scene took place right next to my car in the parking lot. One of the guys, standing behind it, rested his hands on my spoiler but removed them when I told him to get his damn hands off.

They were smart enough to not actually try to physically restrain or even touch me in any way, or do anything to my car. I was waiting for it, because I’d have grounds to sue or charge them with assault if they had. I almost wish they had tried to do something to me or my car. I’d get a lawyer and be on my way to owning my own Mailboxes Etc if they had :)

They seem to have chronic customer service problems. I used to have mailbox service at the Beverly Hills Mailboxes Etc store and they threw away my mail for six months and didn’t want to do anything about it.

They make money on shipping, not copies or mailboxes.