Interesting Honda commercial

Immediately after putting my car up for sale, I decided to push my new car purchase back by another month, so my Accord won’t be available until June first.

Speaking of Accords, Honda has released a really cool commercial for their new one. They apparently have it available as a flash movie on their web site, but their web server is misconfigured (as well as being extremely slow right now) and is sending the wrong content-type, so it doesn’t actually work (it might work in IE/Windows). There are two versions, 100k and 300k. I ended up skipping those entirely and just watching the Quicktime version (5MB) that someone else put up (third paragraph on that page).

I had a really bizarre dream last night. I was writing a paper or report about how President Nixon, back in the ’70s, gave some oil companies oil drilling rights on Mars. Since there’s no ecosystem to disrupt, they were going to be drilling using tactical nukes.