My toof!

Scene: My kitchen, Monday morning. So there I was, eating a delicious breakfast of multi-grain pancakes, when I bite down on a walnut and feel something strange happen. “WTF?”, I say and feel around in my mouth a little with my tongue. Ahh, here’s the problem, the crown that used to be on a lower back molar was now floating around freely, root canal post and all! Wonderful. I call my dentist and make an appointment for the following day, yesterday. They instruct me to keep the crown, so I put it in a sandwich bag.

The first thing the dental assistant asks me is “Is that a permanent crown?” “Apparently not”, I reply. The dentist comes over and takes a look and decides to cement it back in place. The whole thing took maybe 20 minutes, including x-rays and everything. I was really expecting more drilling, poking, and prodding, but there was very little discomfort involved at all. I didn’t even need novocaine. Hopefully it will stay where it belongs this time.

This really seems to be the week for dental problems. I’m the third person I know who’s having them right now.


eliane says:

Whats up with you and sarai and the dentist?

I’m glad your problem was fixed wtih relatively little discomfort though! and hope sarai’s feeling better soon!

kchrist says:

I know! It all started when another friend of ours started having tooth pain of some sort last week. I think it’s catching.