San Francisco review

I had a great time in San Francisco last weekend. Surprisingly, our weekend followed our plans pretty closely.

Thursday Sarai and I went to DNA with Yen. It was much less crowded than the last time I was there, and the music wasn’t as good. I was hoping for more drum’n'bass, but I knew what was scheduled, so I can’t complain. I was upstairs when the comedy routine took place, which was really too bad. It sounds hilarious.

Stacy hadn’t had her kid yet (although she has now, just the other day) so we got to spend the day with her in Berkeley. We walked around near the UC campus a bit and ended up hanging out in an Irish pub for a while drinking juice and talking. Later, we met up with Diana, Heather, and Chris for dinner. Susannah had driven up with them, but she went missing until Saturday. Our original plans for that night fell through, so we ended up at Club Fake. Normally I hate ’80s clubs, but I had fun this time. This was partially because we were a pretty big group of people: the five of us, plus Yen, Lance, and Joel. It also helped that we discovered an old friend from LA tending bar there and he let us drink for free all night. That’ll make any club more tolerable.

Saturday afternoon was spend doing the Haight-Ashbury thing and buying used CDs at Amoeba. I bought four: Cocteau Twins’ Blue Bell Knoll, Tanya Donelly’s Beautysleep, and two by Heidi Berry, Love and Pomegranate. Total for all four: under $10. I am the god of discount CD buying. Sarai pointed out later that these are all on 4AD, which I hadn’t realized at the time. I’m glad I wasn’t wearing my 4AD t-shirt that day. Also note that these were found in sections B, C, and D. Their discount CD section was so huge that was as far as I got before my eyes started bleeding from reading CD covers under their blinding fluorescent lights.

The Current 93 show Saturday night was excellent. It started off with just Tibet on stage with a woman playing piano, and they were later joined by guitar and cello. The show started with a few songs off Soft Black Stars, which I enjoyed because I’ve been listening to that one a lot lately. They continued with selections from Thunder Perfect Mind, Imperium, and others, including a few I wasn’t familiar with. I bought a couple CDs they were selling and got a Nurse With Wound CD doodled on and signed by Steven Stapleton for Yen, who couldn’t be there.

Diana and co. ended up driving home that night after the show, while Sarai, Yen, and I went out for drinks.

Sunday Sarai and I went to the City Lights, had lunch, and wandered around a bit before collecting Susannah, who didn’t want to go home the night before, and driving home.

I can’t wait to move up there. Just another year or so…