Switching pains

Despite having my iBook for a few months now, I’m not yet using it as much as I expected to. The main problem seems to be finding software comparable to what I’m used to running on Windows. I’m kind of a creature of habit when it comes to stuff like that, so I’d prefer to use software that is functionally equivalent, or as close as possible.

Mail clients

I use Eudora 4.1 on Windows, and I’ve looked at Apple Mail, Mailsmith, and Eudora 5.2 for OS X. Eudora seems to be the best of the three, but it’s definitely not without its flaws (an incredibly stupid SMTP AUTH implementation, to give just one example). I just recently figured out how to import my mail from my Windows machine, after discovering that the instructions on the Eudora web site didn’t work. General operation is pretty different than what I’m used to and it feels kinda clumsy. Mailsmith I didn’t like at all and immediately ruled out. Apple Mail may just take getting used to.

Web development

I need a replacement for Homesite for writing HTML, PHP, etc. BBEdit is ok as a text editor but for web development I find it lacking. I’m thinking about trying out Dreamweaver MX; I understand it’s got pretty good XHTML and PHP support and, with it’s code view, is much closer to Homesite than anything else I’ve seen so far.


Audion looks like a pretty good Winamp replacement for things I can’t do with iTunes, but god is it ugly. I know it’s skinnable, but I haven’t yet figured out how to actually apply new skins to it.

Image viewers

The image viewers I’ve looked at, iPhoto and iView Media Pro, both insist on recursing subdirectories and creating “catalogs” or “albums” instead of just letting me look through the original directories. This might be ok if I were going to use one of these and nothing else for managing pictures, but I’m not comfortable just shoving them all into a system like this and giving up filesystem-level organization. I use ACDSee for this on Windows.

SMB networking

A good SMB network browser would be useful too, something that will let me browse shares on the local network without individually mounting each one. I’m trying out Sharity, which works ok, but it’s expensive and its demo mode only allows connections to one machine at a time.

On the other hand, I’m posting this using Xjournal, which is much nicer than the Windows LJ client I was using. (Thanks for the tip, Dave!)


eliane says:

something is wrong with my ibook. it says i’m at 50% batteries with 1+ hrs left and then it’ll shut down and start up with 1%. most of the time it doesnt even warn me, but when it does i get a 30 second warning at most.

I dont get it. and its really upsetting. i hardly get an hour and a half. its less than a year old, i dont think the battery could be dead yet…

saraicat says:

Sarah, take that baby to your friendly neighborhood Apple Store. It’s probable that the battery is dying, and while you’re still in your first year of warranty you can get it replaced. And even if it’s not the battery.. get it fixed while you’re under warranty!

eliane says:

thanks sarai,

will do! I was going to yesterday in fact but i didnt have time.

Probably will bring it in later this week or sometime next week.