Birthday recap

I got a new digital camera!

My old one met its untimely demise a couple weeks ago at Release the Bats. It didn’t actually break at the club, but that’s where I was when I noticed the LCD wasn’t working anymore. It still takes perfectly good pictures, but I have to use the regular viewfinder instead of the monitor, and I can’t look through the pictures I have until I transfer them to a computer. It’s almost as bad as using an analog camera again. (BTW, anyone want it? You might be able to get it repaired.)

BUT, for my birthday yesterday, Sarai bought me a new one! It’s a Nikon Coolpix 3500, and is basically a newer version of my old one (a Coolpix 775). Like the last one, this one is also a former display model at her store. This is good because those are cheaper than new cameras and still come with the same warranty. The only bad thing is that the battery in this one is missing, so I have to pick one up before I can use it. It’s a little smaller than my old one and is a little better quality, with three megapixels.

I didn’t do anything special for my birthday, just stayed home. For dinner we had cider and a homemade sage and butternut squash pizza, followed by homemade pumpkin ice cream. Now that it’s summer (technically anyway; it feels like it’s still February) it’s time to break out the ice cream maker again.

I’m starting to sound like Sarai, the way I’m talking about food here.

After dinner we watched Minority Report. God that movie sucked, why the hell did everyone say it was so good? It would have been a lot better if it were about 45 minutes shorter, didn’t star Tom Cruise, wasn’t directed by Steven Spielberg, had better cinematography, had less product placement, and explained how the hell that precog woman could walk after floating in a tank of water most of her life. I’m usually a big fan of dystopian science fiction, but this one gets two big thumbs down. Terrible, terrible movie. Avoid at all costs.


eliane says:

i didnt know it was your bday!

Happy birthday!!! :)

it sounds like a nice one.

kchrist says:

Yes, it was pretty good.

Want to see the best birthday card ever? Check this out.

miss_pixie says:

I’ll take your old one if someone else hasn’t claimed it yet. :)

Also when are we going to hang out?

kchrist says:

It’s yours.

Also, tonight. I think I might want to go out tonight. What are you doing?

miss_pixie says:

I highly doubt you will want to go where I’m going…Dungeon. But if for some strange reason you feel like going that’s where I’ll be.

What about sometime soon next week? Dinner maybe?

eliane says:

you are right, that was fantastic :)


kchrist says:

Dungeon? Yuck.

Yes, dinner at my place next week.

kar3ning says:

Hey, happy birthday!

I thought Minority Report was pretty good, as long as you don’t think about it too hard and just watch the pretty pictures. Questions.. 1) what about attempted murder? 2) for the precog system to work in every city as they described it, they’d have to genetically engineer crack babies. Uhhh.. no thanks.

kchrist says:

Hey, happy birthday!

Thank you :)

what about attempted murder?

They only predicted murder, so I guess attempted murder would be dealt with the same way it is now. If it’s going to be an unsuccessful attempt, then preventing it isn’t quite as important.

for the precog system to work in every city as they described it, they’d have to genetically engineer crack babies. Uhhh.. no thanks.

I had a similar thought myself. Were those three supposed to predict murder for the entire country? If so, why weren’t they already doing so? Somehow I doubt they could restrict their visions to a certain geographical area. Or was it that the police ignored visions outside of their jurisdiction. Wouldn’t that make them accessories to murder, being aware of it beforehand but not preventing it? If they needed more, where were they going to get them? If the precogs were accidents, would they be able to reproduce the accident to create more? They’d need to eventually, once the originals age and die.