Dot-file mystery solved

It turns out I was wrong about those files I thought BBEdit was creating. I discovered that I’ve got them in more places than just the web directories. After digging around a little I found that it’s an artifact of the way OS X handles writing files to non-Mac network shares. My web directories, as well as my home directory, music library, and a bunch of other stuff, all live on Samba shares on my Linux fileserver. OS X keeps a bunch of metadata about files it creates (icon, window position, etc.) that it has no way of storing on a non-HFS filesystem, so it creates hidden files that contain this information. These are somewhat related to the annoying .DS_Store files I’m constantly deleting from these shares, except those store metadata about the directory itself.

At this point there doesn’t seem to be any good way to prevent this, other that just writing a script on the file server to find and remove these files periodically. I’d much prefer an OS X setting to not create them at all.

CD ripping status: I’m almost through my Current 93, which will bring me just about to the end of C (the only thing after C93 alphabetically is Curve).

We’re planning to see Le Tigre tonight out at The Glass House. I’m not real familiar with their stuff, I’ve only heard them when Sarai puts them on at home, but from what I’ve heard I think they’re alright. Probably nothing I’d go out and buy on my own, but not bad. I think the show will be fun.


choralone23 says:

hopefully they do the cover of “i’m so excited.” they seriously made the song great. they played an excellent show in portland.