Earthlink Network Abuse hiring

Hate spammers? Earthlink Network Abuse is hiring.

Due to the big layoffs a few months ago we’re running really short of potential applicants, so we’re looking outside the company as well as inside. I can make recommendations, but that’s all they are, recommendations. The final decision on who to hire will be made jointly by the five of us currently in the department.

This job is not as glamorous as it sounds, but if you really hate spam you wont mind that too much. The schedule will probably be evenings, Tuesday through Saturday.

Resumes in plain text, please.

The skills/experience listed are actually a little more than we really require. All those thing are helpful and while some basic knowledge of the job is required, of course, not having a degree or knowing Perl, for example, won’t disqualify anyone. There is a test, but it’s not that bad. Anyone familiar with Unix and with some experience dealing with spam should be fine.


talaitha says:

On site…or off?

kchrist says:

Oh yeah, on-site. Pasadena.

I would have told you about it a long time ago if we could take people off-site :)

talaitha says:

okey-donkey. Figured I’d ask anyways.
btw, happy belated birthday :>

kar3ning says:

Maybe they’d have better luck if they looked harder. There’s plenty of talent around in the CS/TS call centers, but we seem to be assigned to a fucking black hole– doesn’t matter how talented you are, how long you’ve been there, how much you’ve bugged your bosses about wanting to take on other roles, if you’re in the call center, you don’t get out. I’ve submitted at least 50 resumes for internal positions, and I’m still waiting for ONE interview. If I bolted my resume to a keg of beer, perhaps…

Not that I am bitter. Ok, maybe a little. But I am burned out and sick of being treated like a machine. -BioUnit 58463

</ rant>

kchrist says:

Well, in this case at least, it’s not a matter of not looking. The job is listed on our internal job site, but those layoffs cut our potential applicant pool by like 75%. We’re more than willing to hire someone from the call center, providing they’re qualified, but we have very few people applying.

And then we have the exact opposite problem with external applicants: The majority of them are horribly over-qualified. We’ve got sysadmins, DBAs, and software developers, none of whom I’d trust to take this job, with the pay and schedule we’re offering, and not drop it at the first sign of something they’re more suited for.

kchrist says:

BTW, those job requirements were re-written by someone in upper management. We’re not nearly that strict about skills, past experience, etc. I can see how that might deter some people form applying.

We do give applicants a test, but we don’t require as much as the job description suggests.