Le Tigre, second attempt

We didn’t end up seeing Le Tigre last night after all. It was sold out, as I was informed by the guy at Tower when I tried to buy tickets yesterday morning. I had to find out from the guy at Tower because the Ticketbastard web site didn’t bother telling me. Quality customer service, that. As it happens though, the show at the Henry Fonda Theatre that we thought was cancelled was actually only rescheduled, so we’re going to that one this Saturday instead. This time they’re opening for Yo La Tengo. It’s actually better this way; Saturday night is better than Thursday, the venue is a lot nicer (and closer), and this time they’re playing with bands I’ve actually heard of. We bought tickets last night (and paid a $5.50 service charge each! Highway robbery!)

I was listening to Wumpscut on my way to work this morning and as I got off the freeway I drove past a crew doing some road work with a jackhammer. It was great, it was like Wumpscut remixed by Caltrans. LIVE INDUSTRIAL MUSIC under the 210 overpass!