Shows last week

The Le Tigre show last Saturday pretty much rocked. I appreciate their stuff a lot more now; I honestly never really paid much attention to them before. Yo La Tengo was really good too. I had never heard them before but I knew that some people who like a lot of the same music as I do often like them as well, so that was a pretty good recommendation. Their music varied from slow, dreamy, and melodic to loud, droning, and feedbacky. Good stuff.

And then there was Burlesque Fest Tuesday night at the El Rey. The women were great, the music was great, and the performances were a lot of fun.

I saw old friends working at both events. One was checking IDs at the Henry Fonda Theatre, the other was selling tickets at the El Rey. The first girl I had seen here and there a couple times somewhat recently: at a Halloween party and a bar last year. The other I hadn’t seen in a longer time, the last time was at another show a few years ago. She works for Goldenvoice and was working that show too. Because they were both working, I didn’t get to talk to either one other than just saying hi.

I think I’ll be at Release the Bats tonight.


heather_lbc says:

You go to BATS!!!!
I’ll be going by Defcon first, then to Bats. I think I might cab it from my house to Bats so’s I can get fuckered up. But people have to be there for it to be worth it, ya know…….

kchrist says:

We’ll see you there then. I’m hoping the whole usual crowd is there too.