Switch progress

I started ripping our CD collection to MP3 yesterday. It’s really coming along, I’m up to Bowie already! Yeah, this is going to take forever.

I thought I was going to post about my “switch” more frequently, but I see I haven’t. I’ll touch on a couple of things now.

Applications (or lack thereof) are still by far the biggest inconvenience for me. What I need is a web site that lists good Mac alternatives to common Windows software (eg, “If you use Paint Shop Pro, you’ll probably like X”, where X is an OS X graphics program similar to PSP in features, operation, etc). Something like this would help me find a good image viewer/browser as well, which I’m still looking for.

I used Eudora 5 for all of two weeks before I realized that its suckage was not something I was going to be able to get used to. So I decided to give Apple Mail another shot and lo and behold, once I spent some time playing around with it, I realize it’s actually pretty nice. It was able to import my Eudora mailboxes and it appears to support both APOP authentication and SMTP AUTH over SSL. Now if only there was a keyboard shortcut to close the current message and advance to the next message in a mailbox.

I’ve been using BBEdit 7 a bit. I’m getting used to the way it does things but I still want to try out Dreamweaver.

I’ve discovered some really annoying behavior. When editing files in BBEdit, I find I’m left with an additional, hidden file named the same as the file I was editing, but prepended with “._“. I’ve unchecked “Make Backup Before Saving” in my BBEdit preferences but it’s still occuring. I don’t actually know that it’s caused by BBEdit because I seem to have these duplicate files for images too, not just text files. I noticed this problem the day I went to upload around 60 .jpgs over dialup (this was before our DSL was installed in the new apartment) and realized it was taking twice as long as it should because I was transferring all these hidden files as well.


goffchick says:

I don’t use OSX yet (I fear my machines are all too old and would be unhappy), but I am very happy with GraphicConverter as a basic image editor, it can do all sorts of lovely stuff, and handles almost every file type (AOL’s in house .art format being the only exception I’ve found so far). As for image browsers, there are far far too many out there with various options, depending on what you want out of it, so you may just have to check out a few and see if they are somewhat like what you’re looking for (last time I was looking at viewers for OS9 I ran across a couple dozen for OSX).