Car shopping

Laura had to return her rental car yesterday and will now be walking to work until she buys my car. She’s in no particular hurry except that she needs it no later than August 6 because she’s going to Las Vegas. So that gives me exactly two weeks to find and buy my new one.

This wouldn’t be a problem if I were buying something new that I could pick up off any lot but finding a good used car in that time will be considerably more difficult, especially as picky as I am. I’ve already relaxed my requirements a little where year and trim level are concerned, but I still haven’t found anything close enough to conveniently check out. I’m a little bit stressed about it, I don’t want to have to settle for something I don’t really want because I’ve run out of time.

And to reduce my car shopping time even more, I have to go in to work on my day off this Monday because we’ve got two new-hires starting and the other person who’s usually there on Monday is starting a two week vacation that day. So in addition to covering part of his work, I get to start training the two new guys. One was hired from outside the company, which means I really have to start the training at the beginning, with the building tour and everything. At least he knows what he’s doing, having recently done the exact same job at a different ISP.

I’m guessing we’ll be at Release the Bats tomorrow night (really this time, unlike last month when I said we were going and then didn’t).