Dark Bar

I’m recovering from the plague, which I’ve had for the past few days. I went into remission last night and met up with Diana, Heather, and Chris at DorkDark Bar, which actually wasn’t that bad. The bar itself was pretty nice, the drinks were reasonably priced ($5.50 for a Stoli and tonic), and the music was decent, if a bit unimaginative (think Helter Skelter circa 1991). Plus it’s just a few miles down the 134 from me, so it’s very convenient. The only problem was the tacky mustachioed guy and his blond girlfriend making out and groping each other for like TWO HOURS STRAIGHT. At least they moved away from the bar and out of my line of sight after the first hour or so.

Today I am at work. Tonight we’re going out to Darren, Mandy, and Jojo’s house for a party/BBQ thing. I haven’t seen Darren and Mandy in a couple years and their parties are always a lot of fun, so this should be a good time.

I’ve finished encoding our CD collection to MP3. The total library size is about 37.5 GB, which is actually a bit smaller than I expected. I had estimated around 50 GB. Next I’m going to set up Netjuke on the file server so we have a jukebox-like interface (not publicly accessible) to make playlists and such. I’ll never have to change CDs again.