Going green

As others have already said, Kyle’s party on Saturday was a good time, despite all the drama. While I wasn’t actually involved in any of it, it can still really put a damper on things.

And speaking of damp, it’s a good thing that the throwing-fully-clothed-people-into-the-pool thing ended before we got there. That is just not cool at all. First of all, if these people weren’t planning on swimming, then it’s unlikely they’ve got a change of clothes handy. Case in point: Chris and Diana, who both spent the entire party soaking wet because of this. Secondly, you don’t know what someone’s got in their pockets that shouldn’t get wet (eg, mobile phone, PDA, etc). I’d be seriously pissed.

Sunday I replaced our six most frequently used incandescent lightbulbs (bedroom, office, both bathrooms) with four compact fluorescent bulbs. Combined wattage used in these rooms has decreased from 360 watts total to 60. I wonder if it will make a noticeable difference on our electricity bill? I’m sure the savings, if any, will be offset by the increase in power usage due to our intermittently running the air conditioner lately, but every little bit helps, right? The bulbs seem pretty good so far. I was a little wary about them because I hate regular fluorescent lights but these don’t do any of the flickering and whining that the tubes do.


mythlore says:

You’d think people would know the common sense pool party rules. Strip someone down to their underwear BEFORE throwing them in the pool!