21st century car audio

I need a new car stereo. I’ve decided that CD changers are 1990s technology and I want something a bit more modern. I decided to go with a single-disc head unit that can read MP3s as well as audio CDs and also has an auxiliary jack in back. I’m going to run a wire from that jack to a 1/8 inch mini-jack mounted on the side of the dash. Then, instead of a CD changer, I’m going to spend just a little more and get a 15 GB iPod. That will give me a much bigger selection than a CD changer, plus I’ll be able to bring it in to work or wherever. And for times I don’t feel like carrying it around, I’ll burn a few CDs of MP3s to keep in the car. I’d prefer a stereo that can read data DVDs as well as CDs but those don’t seem to be available yet. Regardless, music selection will never be a problem again. Maybe I should get a big “Powered by Apple” sticker to go with it.

I got my windows tinted this week. I did 5% (aka “limo”) all the way around. Except the windshield, of course. It looks good and keeps the inside of the car much cooler.


kar3ning says:

I got my windows tinted this week

I read that, and the first thing that popped into mind was
Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display

… but the stereo upgrade sounds like it’ll be badass. :)

kchrist says:

Microsoft Windows? Talk about 1990s technology!

My preferred method of tinting Windows™ is to actually spray paint the screen black.

hexed says:

I am so with ya on that wishing for a data DVD-reading car stereo. I need a new unit for my truck and ever since selling the van I’ve been missing my ability to play mp3 CDs. So I spent the greater portion of a night researching DVD ones on the ‘net. I found very little. A couple of ones that were somewhere in the $1200 range, but nothing reasonable. I did find a 10 disc changer that reads mp3s, though. I may end up getting that and keeping my head unit.