Black velvet Jesus

I just uploaded this so I could post it somewhere else and thought I should put it here too for the benefit of anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Black Velvet Jesus

Black Velvet Jesus. He’s currently hanging on the outside of my cubicle at work.


amyagogo says:

My art teacher in high school had a collection of Black Velvet Jesuses (or is it Jesiis? :p )hanging in the art room–he said they were his guilty pleasure and he loved the kitschiness of them…no religious aspect. He also had a collection of Black Velvet Elvises too…

miss_pixie says:

Hahaha, I can’t believe you have that hanging at your work. Though I remember when you had it hanging in your apartment.

sinus says:

On the outside of your cubicle? That’s not cool.

kchrist says:

Yeah, he got tired of looking over my shoulder so I thought I’d give him a change of scenery.

What exactly is not cool about it?

sinus says:

Oh my God!
I’m not Christian, and the last thing I want to see 12 times a day on my way to the filing cabinet is a picture of Jesus!
It’s funny and kitchy but to me it’s not a “share with everybody” kind of thing.

kchrist says:

No one in my office has a problem with it. If they did, I imagine they would have said something a year or two ago when I put up some of my biblical action figures.