Going to Atlanta

It looks like my whole department is flying out to Atlanta for a couple days at the end of this month. We’re not really sure why. We were recently reorganized and Network Abuse was put under a different group. This trip is the idea of our new director, who works out there. I think she just wants to get the whole extended department (both the Pasadena and Atlanta groups) together to meet us all.

We’re flying out of ONT bright and early at 7:00am on Monday the 25th, changing planes in Houston, and arriving in Atlanta around 4:30 EDT. Our return flight Wednesday is a bit better: we’re leaving ATL at 6:30pm EDT and getting home around 10:00 local time.

I’ve only been to Atlanta once before and it was for an even shorter time than this, so I thought about staying out there an extra couple days this time to see the sights. Then I realized that I can’t think of a single thing I’m interested in seeing or doing there.

We’re already planning on going out drinking Tuesday night, so that’s something. I didn’t even have a chance to do that last time.


sinus says:

Drinking Tuesday night, your Atlanta guys should easily point you toward Buckhead, a huge clusterfuck of bars and clubs, a very cool, non-pretentious bar scene. You will find people to be friendly and drunk, and you can get drinks cheaper than 6 bucks.

The High Museum in Midtown is a world class museum and houses incredible exhibitions. I’ve been there to see a Picasso retrospective and an exhibit for the olympics that had Munch’s the Scream, Matisse’s the Dance, and Rodin’s the Kiss.

World of Coke.
Go there, go to the tasting room,
taste the Beverly.
Only those who have tasted the Beverly have truly visited Atlanta.

Little 5 Points is an area like a thrift-store version of Melrose. Good gawking, wierd people, great pizza and funky shops.

Virginia Highlands is the slightly-more-grownup Buckhead – think recent-college-grad crowd.

If you visit Atlanta without eating in a Waffle House you’ve committed serious crimes against your stomach. The only late night eats we have throughout LA is Denny’s, which is crap. Waffle House is delicious food, VERY cheap, and has every kind of person you can imagine inside. I once had a waitress who was nine years old.

If you truly seek the bizarre, you are seeking the Claremont Lounge, “Atlanta’s Most Popular Adult Club”, where they have really fat strippers. The drinks are super-cheap (I asked for a Kamikaze and the chick had to look it up) – you’re best sticking with beer. The crowds are drawn in for the “bizarre” factor.

Underground Atlanta
Any mall that isn’t Lenox, Phipps, or Perimeter.
Anyplace they mention in rap (East Point, Decatur, College Park)


kchrist says:

Drinking Tuesday night, your Atlanta guys should easily point you toward Buckhead

And they did in fact, a bit later in the afternoon. So that’s probably the plan for Tuesday.

Thanks for the other tips, but given the length of our stay and the fact that we’re expected to do some at least vaguely work-related things during that time (ridiculous!), my only free time is going to be Monday and Tuesday evenings. I’m not going to be able to do much other than a little bar hopping.


Anyplace they mention in rap (East Point, Decatur, College Park)

Sound advice, that. I avoid Compton for that exact reason.