Notes from Atlanta

So here I am in Atlanta. The flight out was pretty uneventful. As much as I tried, I only got about an hour of sleep between the two legs of the trip (we changed planes in Houston). At least second plane was nearly empty and I was able to move back and get a row of seats to myself. Both planes were mercifully free of screaming children, thank god. My time was mostly spent reading and listening to music.

My room is pretty good. We’re at the Marriott Residence Inn, which happens to be literally next door to our office here. The room has a little kitchenette with refrigerator, coffee maker, and everything. Not bad. And free breakfast, which I’m going to be taking advantage of before heading over to the office this morning. The room also has some sort of high-speed internet access, but at $10/day I think I’ll stick with dial-up. There’s one wireless network in range but I can’t get an IP address on it.

After we arrived yesterday, we stopped at the hotel for about a half hour and then went next door, gathered up our local counterparts, and went for dinner and drinks at a nearby restaurant. I had a linguine primavera, which was the only thing on the menu without meat. As I ordered, our server asked me “You know that’s a vegetarian entree, right?”. I said yes, that’s why I ordered it. Something tells me there aren’t a lot of vegetarians around here. After dinner we retired to the bar patio for drinks. My lack of sleep finally caught up with me around 11:00 and I walked back to the hotel.

Today we’ve got a day full of meetings and such. Tomorrow too. Joy.

I nearly finished the Haruki Murakami novel I brought on the way here. I knew I should have brought a second book. So what do I do now, buy a book from what’s bound to be a dismal selection in the airport bookshop on the way home? I don’t know if I’m going to get a chance to go to a real bookstore while I’m here. Not to mention I’ve got like ten book backlog at home, I really don’t need to buy something else right now.