Pasadena outing

Sarai and I went out and bummed around Pasadena for the afternoon yesterday. First up was Aardvarks. Sarai looked around there while I went across the street to Comics Factory. Among other things, I looked at The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (yeah, I suck, I had never heard of it before the movie came out) and Transmetropolitan, which I’ve been meaning to read. I had just decided to start that yesterday when I realized they didn’t have the first book in stock, so I couldn’t. Oh well, I was a little short on cash anyway.

After this we did some used CD shopping at Poobah’s. I picked up Sub.Bionic and Kristin Hersh (total: $5). I had never heard Sub.Bionic before. I remember they opened for Mira last year, but we got to the show too late to hear them. They’re pretty good, nothing spectacular, but not bad either. Sarai bought more than I did: Cibo Matto, Morphine, Magnetic Fields, and Neutral Milk Hotel.

We had an early dinner at Ruby’s and came back home to do homework for class tonight. I can’t wait for this class to be over. Our instructor is terrible. He’s rude, abrasive, annoying, insulting. Basically everything he shouldn’t be when he’s trying to teach. Plus, by his own admission, all the example code he writes for class is intentionally obfuscated, which makes it useless as something to learn from. I pretty much expect to be coming away from this class with the bare minimum needed to pass. His policy of public humiliation really turns me off asking questions in class.


heather_lbc says:

Don’t feel bad about not hearing about “the League…”- I hadn’t heard of it either. And Diana had to talk me into going to see it because I didn’t realize what the story was (they should fire the idiot that did the trailers).
Definitely READ TRANSMET- it’s fantastic. My favorite comic.

kchrist says:

I don’t feel bad about it. That comment was mainly to stave off the inevitable “Yeah, well I read The League before it was cool…” comments. I haven’t seen the movie yet either. I’ll probably wait and rent it.

Cool, another positive opinion of Transmet. I’ll try to pick up the first book soon.