Pete Wellborn, the Spammer Hammer

Home again. After meeting with our new VP on Wednesday we went to a Cuban restaurant for lunch and stopped by Pete Wellborn‘s office to hang out and talk for a bit. We followed that with a tour of our Atlanta data center and then caught the train back to the airport.

At a symposium on spam hosted by the Federal Trade Commission in Washington in April, Wellborn suggested drawing and quartering spammers and putting a spammer’s head on a “pike.”

Pete Wellborn rules, he makes me think that maybe all lawyers shouldn’t be shot after all. A co-worker of mine was at this FTC conference, which was attended by both spammers and anti-spammers. I guess there was more than a little tension in the air. There was also almost a fistfight between Alan Murphy from Spamhaus and Mark Felstein, a scumbag lawyer suing a bunch of anti-spammers, including Murphy.

Anyway, I got good seats with plenty of room on both halves of the flight home. That makes up for the fact that both were running late. I shouldn’t complain though because it gave me plenty of time to get something to eat in between.

Going back to work yesterday sucked. Pretty much no work got done the first half of this week, what with my half of the department being out of town and the ATL group just hanging out with us. So we got to deal with (or start dealing with) it all yesterday. I figure I’ll be caught up with my stuff by Saturday. Hopefully.