Rise and shine

4:00am, bright and early. God, what am I doing up at this time? That’s up, as in I’ve gotten out of bed, not I haven’t gone to bed yet. This can’t even be called morning; it’s still the middle of the night. In about 30 minutes I’ll head out to Ontario to catch my flight to Atlanta, cursing whoever chose this flight for us the whole way. I’ll be back home around midnight Wednesday.

Release the Bats Friday night was a lot of fun. Sarai and I met up with Sean, Becci, Darren, et al, at Penance World HQ for a drink before the club and then walked from there. A good time was had at the club, as usual, then afterwards we all went back to HQ for a while. We picked up Diana, Heather, and some drunk girl with a bunch of VNV Nation tattoos (!!!) on the way. Much hilarity ensued.

While at Darren’s place I was introduced to the wonder that is Turbonegro. The mind boggles. As it happens, and as Darren and co. might be interested in knowing, they’re actually playing on October 3 at the Henry Fonda Theatre. I think I’ll skip it.

On the other hand, there are a couple good shows coming up: Delerium is playing at the El Rey on September 8 and Goldfrapp is at the Henry Fonda Theatre on October 8.

I went to work on four and a half hours of sleep Saturday morning, which is still more sleep than I got last night. I’m going to try to sleep on the plane, but that’s always easier said than done.