The birds

This morning, I’m reading about my favorite bird, the crow.

Sarai and I were driving around Burbank yesterday and went to the nature center in the hills. It was pretty cheesy, mostly geared towards children, but there was still some neat stuff. One of the things we learned is that crows can count to four! We’ve both always liked crows, and I know they’re one of the smartest birds, but how do you know if a bird can count? I was just thinking about this and found this bit of information:

But did you know that crows also count? They keep a close eye on hunters, knowing the difference between a hunter with a gun and a farmer with a rake. If three hunters enter a blind and only two emerge the crows will keep their distance, knowing full well that one still lurks inside.

Apparently they’re lost after about four though. So crow counting goes something like this: one, two, three, four, lots. Kind of like the rabbits in Watership Down.

This reminded me of something I saw outside my house one morning last year. I heard this terrible ruckus and when I looked outside, I saw what we later came to call “the crow wars”. This picture doesn’t do it justice; there were easily three or four times this number flying around and perched in the big tree across the street.

The crow wars


hexed says:

I miss all my crow friends from down in Huntington. I’ve only seen two or three up here since I moved.

I hope there’s someone else down there that will bring them stale bread treats.