Another reason to hate TicketMaster

From their privacy policy:

By purchasing a ticket, or completing a registration form so that you are able to access a purchase page for a ticket, to a concert, game or other event on the Site, you consent (i.e., you opt-in) to us sharing your personal information with the venues, promoters, artists, teams, leagues and other third parties associated with that concert, game or other event (“Event Partners”). We cannot offer you a separate opportunity to opt-out, or not to consent, to our sharing of your personal information with them. Event Partners may use your personal information in accordance with their own privacy policies, and may consequently use your personal information to contact you and may share your personal information with others. You will need to contact those Event Partners who contact you to instruct them directly regarding your preferences for the use of your personal information by them.

(emphasis mine)

In other words, buy tickets through Ticketbastard on-line and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get spammed by them and all their friends. It doesn’t stop there, read the rest of it for more points of interest.

Found on Politech this morning.


miss_pixie says:

That’s exactly why I have Chris get my tickets for me.

kchrist says:

I thought that was to save you the $9812423535 in service charges? That’s why I’d have him get tickets for me.

What I don’t get is why they claim to need to pass out this information for online sales, but not for purchases at their store locations. What’s the difference? I suppose it’s only a matter of time before they start doing that too though.

miss_pixie says:

Well the service charges are the other reason that Chris gets tickets for us now.

Oh I’m sure that they’ll eventually start asking for info when you go to the store to pick them up. Just give them time.