Vic’s bar

A co-worker of mine is moving over to system administration. Yesterday was his last day in my department so after work we all went down to a local bar for drinks. The bar is called Vic’s, but the name really should be changed to something that reflects the fact that the only people who go there are Earthlink employees. Seriously, that’s been true every one of the half a dozen or so times I’ve been there. There’s an Earthlink sticker on the door to the back room right below the Employees Only sign, and Vic was even making small talk with me at one point about our call center closing a few months ago.

Vic’s is a real dive, but not in a good way. There used to be a lesbian bar (called Mary’s, if I remember correctly) in this location and after they closed, Vic reopened the place with a new name and hung a banner out front reading “Under new management. Everyone is welcome!” Drinks are cheap (Stoli and tonic: $4) but they aren’t very good. Vic gave us free chips and homemade salsa, which helped make up for it. The CD changer is complete crap; it’s about 80% heavy metal, with everything from Led Zeppelin to Motley Crue to Limp Bizkit. I looked through most of it and didn’t find a single thing I wanted to listen to.

I don’t recommend Vic’s for anything other than Earthlink employee get-togethers. If you want a dive bar in Pasadena done right, go a couple miles down Colorado blvd. to The Colorado.