Car mods

I got my car lowered yesterday. I installed Eibach Pro-Kit springs, which dropped it about 1.3 inches, and a camber correction kit. It’s enough to lower the center of gravity and close up the wheel gap some but not make it so low to the ground that I have trouble getting over the lip at the entrance to my parking garage. It’s not quite as low as my Accord (and come to think of it, my Prelude before that was even lower than the Accord so my cars are actually getting higher).

2000 Acura Integra GS-R

My original plan also called for getting Koni Yellow adjustable shocks but I decided to cheap-out and leave the stock shocks on for now. I can always add them later, I just didn’t want to spend that much money right now.

The only thing I have left to do is replace the stereo. The new iPods haven’t hit the employee store yet so I haven’t been able to order that either. The stereo is definitely next, if I can find something I like. It seems like every car stereo I look at is lacking in some way. My requirements are simple: decent MP3 support, an auxiliary jack in back, and a non-ugly, non-brightly colored/lit face plate, but I’m somehow unable to find all of this in a single unit. Everything that has the first two is either ugly, or the directory/subdirectory navigation in MP3 mode is so awkward that it’s practically unusable.