CRM hell

I just had a two hour training class for the new ticketing system my department is being forced to switch to. The class was almost worthless in that it covered the Windows client and not the web-based interface that non-Windows users are going to have to use (never mind that we were promised a native Unix version a couple years ago when it was first proposed).

At this point though, I’m almost willing to use a Windows machine for this, the web interface is horrific. It uses Java applets where it could be using just JavaScript, and JavaScript where it should be using plain old HTML (like, for links and submit buttons). At a screen resolution of 1280×1024 I still have to keep the window nearly maximized if I don’t want to have to scroll horizontally. And it’s slow. Oh yeah, and we only got it to work on one version of one browser with one version of the Java VM, so any of us who don’t use Phoenix normally have to install it alongside whatever else we use.

It’s a usability nightmare too: Almost all the links are either JavaScript or form buttons, which means there’s no way to open things in new windows or tabs, and there’s no way to prevent other things from opening new windows all over the place, as they often do. Hate hate hate.


Don’t you know a ticketing system is judged by how management can run reports, not by it’s ease of use?

kscaldef says:

Is the new system by any chance “Remedy”?

Or maybe they’re just all like that…

kchrist says:

It sure is! Ironic too, considering that this cure is far worse than the disease. We tried using it briefly, for about a week, a couple months ago, and had to roll back to our old system due to our inability to do even a fraction of the work we should have done in that time. It’s supposedly been improved since then, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

I used to think our old system sucked. We had two separate systems: one that’s used by the call centers for call tracking, and one that my department uses for all our incoming mail and various other operations groups use for their trouble reporting and tracking. Remedy is supposed to replace them both. Our old system is definitely not without its faults, but I’m liking it more and more as our next Remedy rollout approaches.