Drunk rockers

How annoying. Some guy is going around taking pictures of people at clubs and putting them up on drunkrockers.com.

“Drunk rockers”? How completely tacky is that? He mostly has pictures from Mannequin but he’s got one bunch from Release the Bats last month (including pictures of Heather and Diana) and he was at Bats again last night. He took a picture of me and when I asked him to show a little common courtesy and not stick a camera in my face without asking he got all pissy about it.

Beware, that page takes forever to load because he’s got a million thumbnails on it.


greycat says:

Well, I belive it’s only illegal to take a picture of someone and use it for monitary gain without a consent form. Otherwise, there isn’t much you can do, since he owns this domain and he’s not making money off of it.

Someone needs to beat him down for being rude as shit, though.

miss_pixie says:

That’s the guy that acts like he’s 5 years old whenever he sees Heather, and not in a good way. I would watch out for him if I were you. Just thought I would warn you.

angeldye says:

everyone should start linking the pictures and shit.. and then run his bandwidth up…

Kenn Christ says:

Sure, of course it’s legal — one should have no expectation of privacy in a public place, after all — but that’s not the point. It’s just rude and shows a lack of common courtesy, which is all I said to him.

Not to mention there’s something awfully “girls gone wild”-ish about taking pictures of girls at clubs and putting them up on the web like that. Note that most of the pictures are of girls, not guys, including one flashing him. It’s really creepy.

saraicat says:

Totally. That, coupled with the fact that he said, “what are you going to do, file a lawsuit?” when you asked him not to take your picture makes the guy a complete slimeball.

Apryl Vain says:

I run a website somewhat similar to his website. it only recently started but one of the top rules is to get permission from anyone on the photograph before snapping their photo. Even when there are people in the background, if they didn’t ok it they get removed from the photo and I wait to get an ok from the club itself.

There are actually some clubs who won’t let people like him inside because either they have their own photographers or they don’t want people feeling uncomfortable etc.

katie says:

what a bs posting above
“it only recently started but one of the top rules is to get permission from anyone on the photograph before snapping their photo.”

now from there site
Toxic Association©
âThere are no rules for good photographs, only good photographs.â