If Swen were ported to Linux

As a follow-up to my last post, I give you Swen, the Linux version:

Greetings. You have been infected with GNU/Swen, a worm brought to you by members of the linux community. In order to get this worm to infect your system properly, you will need to use wget to download gnuswen-config-2.4.6 from one of the usual mirrors. Be careful; this version of the worm is not compatible with versions of gnuswen-config prior to 2.4.4. After you have downloaded the config tools and issued the usual incantations (./configure; make; make install), you can configure the worm from any directory simply by typing sudo gnuswen-config -ort [your login id] [full path to your email client]. If you have any questions, be sure to RTFM, the docs are installed at /usr/share/info/gnuswen and all your config files are stored at ~/.gnuswen.

(found in a Slashdot comment)

It’s funny because it’s true.