Johnny Cash, RIP

I can’t believe I can’t find anyone streaming a Johnny Cash tribute today. I’ve checked out all the country stations listed in my iTunes library and they’re all playing Reba McIntire or whatever. Morning Becomes Eclectic is playing a few songs here and there but that’s the best I can do.

What the hell, the Man in Fuckin’ Black dies and I can’t find someone doing a real tribute? Insensitive bastards.

I want to go to a dive bar and listen to Johnny Cash tonight. Who’s with me?


Rob says:

amen, brother. even knowing he wasn’t in the best of health, it hit me hard when i heard the news when i woke up.

i will be at bars tonight, hopefully ones w/ johnny on the jukebox (or a nice bartender playing it over the house stereo).

btw, this is rob (of sarah &).

take care,

kchrist says:

Hey Rob, good to hear from you. It looks like we’ll be out drinking a toast tonight too. I wish you guys could join us.