New Windows e-mail worm

Swen, the latest Windows virus going around, is kicking my ass. Mine and my entire department. I came in to work this morning to find 845 cases waiting for me in our outgoing mail queue, the vast majority of which look likely to be Swen infections. To put this in a little perspective, this particular tool we use usually sidelines 30 – 40 incidents per day. There’s no way I’ll be able to even make a dent in this today.

What really gets me are the people we identify as being infected with viruses who have a long history of infections. I’ve seen people with a case history that includes just about every widespread virus/worm/trojan released over the past few years. What the hell are these people doing? Do they have no capacity for learning at all? It’s not even unusual to find people with multiple viruses at one time, I once found some guy whose computer was sending out three completely different ones in a single day.

Of course none of these recent viruses really draw much attention to themselves, at least from the perspective of the person infected. No files are damaged, no boot sectors overwritten; it’s not in the virus’s best interest to kill its host, after all. It’s the host’s friends who bear the brunt of it as the virus attempts to propagate. Thank god no one I know is prone to getting themselves 0wn3d like this.