One more stretch

One of the wood plugs I’ve been wearing in my earlobes broke. There was a seam of some sort across the center and yesterday morning it split in half. The inner surfaces are perfectly smooth, which makes me think that either it might have been made from two pieces originally or it had broken before and been sanded and glued back together. I got them from Thatchery, so I don’t know where they came from originally. I should be able to super glue it back together again.

I was going to put my 0 gauge eyelets back in in the meantime, but decided to buy 00 eyelets instead, which I’ve been thinking about doing for a while anyway. I always said I’d stop stretching at 0 gauge, but I’ve been at that size for what, six or seven years, so I think going up one more size now is ok. Plus my lobes had naturally stretched some on their own anyway. I got the new eyelet in my left ear with no problem at all. The right was harder but I got it through eventually. My ear is still a little sore though.


julia says:

i cannot get 00 eyelets to go in at all. did you put it in front ways or sideways? does that even make sense hahha