The Roost

I met up with Susannah and her roommate last night at a bar called The Roost on Los Feliz. It was supposed to be kind of a country-ish type place, but that didn’t stop someone from playing an awful lot of reggae. We only heard one Johnny Cash song until Susannah put on eight or so in a row.

The bar was ok, nothing special. Drink prices (one of my metrics for judging bars) were good; I got a nice and strong Stoli and tonic for $4.75, and their rocks glasses are pretty good-sized. It wasn’t crowded at all; we got there around 10:30 and there were a couple tables open, including a corner booth, which we promptly grabbed. The crowd was that weird mixture of older locals who have probably been going there for decades and the younger crowd who have only recently discovered it. This place seems to stay mostly empty thanks to the bigger, more noticeable, hipster-filled Bigfoot Lodge just a few doors down. This is a good thing. We walked through that place as we were leaving and it was full of trucker caps and girls in that neo-new wave attire that all the kids are wearing these days. Susannah had an entertaining story to tell about a couple hipster girls doing lines of coke off the toilet seat in the women’s restroom there. Now that’s class.

Tonight is Jenz’s party. Until the other day I didn’t know she lived in that big house by USC that it seems like everyone has lived in at one time or another. I’ve been going to parties at that place since what, 1997? Do any of the original people still live there? It’s a great house for parties though, especially with the big porch out front.