When Arianna attacks

I’m listening to the debate on NPR right now and I’m wondering, is Arianna Huffington actually interested in running for office or is she there solely to disrupt things by changing the subject and launching ad hominem attacks at Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of Ah-nold. In fact, I’m quite happy that he’s making himself look like a fool by talking about his Hummer and making stupid jokes.

My favorite line so far was when the moderator said something along the lines of “Believe it or not, this isn’t Comedy Central”, when I think it’s clear that if this race isn’t a black comedy, I don’t know what is.


kscaldef says:

Sigh… I only caught the last 15 min and some of the post-commentary, but that matches how Huffington behaved in the previous debate I saw (there it was more towards Bustamante and McClintock, since Arnold wasn’t there). I was somewhat sympathetic towards her early in the race, but watching her in this context, combined with her income tax revelations, has put her out of consideration, in my mind.