Bored cops suck

There’s nothing worse than a bored cop. I was pulled over for having expired tags as Sarai and I were driving home last night around 10:00. Now I know my tags are expired, but I’m still at the mercy of Santa Monica Acura, who handled the registration when I bought the car. I called them about it a couple weeks ago, in fact, and they told me it can take up to 90 days after I bought the car to get them. Regardless, the registration is paid, I just don’t have the little sticker yet.

Anyway, this cop, obviously a rookie, doesn’t bother checking things like vehicle registrations, apparently. He walks up to my window menacingly, brandishing his flashlight, and says “Whose car is this?” WTF? He asks for my license and registration, and I give him the temporary registration paper the dealer gave me. He asks where I live and I told him it’s about two blocks from where we’re stopped. He then asks what city that is. Great, I think, this guy doesn’t even know what city he’s working in (not to mention my address and city are printed on the paper he’s holding in his hand). He thinks about this for a minute and asks if I have insurance. I say yes. He just looks at me. I ask if he wants to see my insurance card and he says ok, so I hand it to him. As I’m reaching over to my glove box he notices the tattoo on my upper back (it goes just a little bit above t-shirt collar level) and asks “What’s your tattoo?”, in a tone that makes it sound like an official question, the same way he asked for my license and registration. I look at him, give him a one word answer, and hand him my insurance card. He says “I was just curious”. Right, like I want to make small talk with you while you’re harassing me for no reason.

He goes back to his car and takes like 15 minutes to check my license and bullshit with the other cop who pulled up to see what’s going on. When he finally comes back he admits he didn’t check the car registration when he called in. He tells me I need to get my car registered (despite the fact that I explained the registration hold-up to him twice) and eventually just gives me a ticket for not having a front license plate. sigh


angeldye says:

KENN GOT 2 COPS!!!! WOOOOOoooooHOoooooo!!!! you must be EXTRA SUPAH SPECIAL!

JEeeeeeeeeesus… what a fuckin MORON… I know, that in Burbank, they like to be pullin over the cars wit da titted up windows.. oh oh tinted sorry.. but he was prolly wondering why you had no loud bass pumping sound and flashy lights…

Front license plates are only required if you have a place to mount it.

My dad’s Mercury Sable it was a bracket bolted to the front bumper. Unscrew it, and there are just two tiny holes it the bumpers plastic.

Of course, if you have a built in license plate nook, well, sorry.

And cops wonder why they are not loved.

saraicat says:

you are the biggest asshole-cop-magnet I’ve ever known.