Corporate tattoos

Free web hosting for life

Mindfield Media is offering a lifetime supply of web hosting to anyone who gets a tattoo of one of our company mascots.

(via BoingBoing)

Of course,

Web Hosting For Life: What does that mean? It means that until you die, or we cease existing as a business, you have a web host.

(emphasis mine)

What strikes me about this is that any company who has to resort to cheap publicity stunts like this is probably not going to be around very long. So “or we cease existing as a business” is the part to pay attention to there.

SuicideGirls offers the same deal, a lifetime membership if you get a tattoo of their logo (unless you get kicked off the site for whatever reason, presumably). I think a couple of people have actually done it.

I could see wearing a t-shirt or a sticker (eg, the Apple sticker on my car) or something, but what kind of person would tattoo a corporate logo on themselves? I might consider it if it were my company logo — that is, if I founded and owned the business — but some web hosting company?

BME has pictures of this sort of thing. These Apple tattoos, for example.

They also have an entire section devoted to BME tattoos. These are a little different because it’s a community rather than a business and the community is based around tattoos and body modification. Most of these tattoos are just one of the designs used by the site and don’t actually have the name “BME” as part of them. SuicideGirls has a user community as well, but that was added as part of the business, which is their real focus. The main feature of their logo is the big “SG”. I can’t imagine what would possess someone to get a tattoo like that.