Home improvment

After a bit of a hiatus, Sarai and I have begun working on our home improvement again. In the past week or two we’ve:

  • Bought and installed a new light fixture above the kitchen table.
  • Replaced the whiny halogen floor lamp in the living room with a string of blue and purple paper lanterns.
  • Bought matching CD and DVD shelves to replace the one overflowing CD cabinet and the stacks on the floor.
  • Made and hung curtains in the bedroom.

The CD/DVD shelves aren’t quite finished yet (no pun intended) because the unfinished furniture place we got them from wanted $90 each (!) to stain them for us. Needless to say, we’re going to do it ourselves. Other than that, all that’s left now, of the important things, is to replace the smaller bookcases in the living room and office with one nice big one and eventually buy a new bed. We may have to take pictures or something since we never actually get around to inviting people over.