Metered freeway onramps

CalTrans, or whoever controls the red lights on freeway onramps, has had the onramp I take home from work metered for the past couple weeks. While the 210 east from Pasadena is a parking lot at 6:00pm, the 210 west, the direction I’m going, is not bad at all. It moves at 65+ easily and there’s plenty of room for merging in. But the powers that be have apparently decided that this makes things too easy for people like me and has decided to meter the incoming traffic anyway, so now the two lane onramp is backed up to, and sometimes into, the intersection at the bottom of the ramp. The two lanes merge into one before they get to the meter so only one car gets to go at a time. It takes a good five minutes to get on the freeway from the street now.

Originally I was hoping that it being on was a mistake, but after two weeks or so it doesn’t look like it was. I don’t understand why they would do something that actually creates a problem where there was none before.

On the bright side, I ran into my old friend Preston who happened to be sitting in the car next to me waiting to merge one day last week.