Tease-o-Rama begins today

The Goldfrapp show the other night was really good, as I expected. It’s too bad I was so tired though, I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t been. I had only heard one song off their new album prior to this. From what I heard at the show, it’s a bit different from their first album (but still good). I liked the way they kinda updated the sound of the older songs they played to better match the style of their newer stuff. A band called Brookville opened, which is a side project of Ivy‘s Andy Chase. They weren’t bad, but they didn’t really capture my interest.

Rob and Sarah arrived in LA yesterday. Last night we met up with them at the Tease-O-Rama meet-and-greet at the Bigfoot Lodge. Tonight is the first night of the show. We had originally planned to see both nights but the ticket prices — $42 each — are a little steep so we’re skipping tomorrow night. It was good to see them again, I just hope we can come up with some interesting stuff to do while they’re in town.

It looks like my laptop has sold. I had two low bids on it when someone offered to “Buy it now” for $1,000 this morning. It’s a brand new Ebay account though, just created yesterday, so I’m not going to count on anything until I have cash in my hand. On the bright side, he lives nearby so hopefully he’ll want to pick it up in person rather than ship it, in which case I can actually ask for cash. I’d definitely prefer cash if I’m going to hand the laptop over immediately. If I were shipping it I could wait for the money order to clear before sending it, but I can’t do that if it’s being picked up in person. I’d rather not take any chances with that amount of money, it’s not like it’s a $20 record or something where it would suck to be ripped off but it wouldn’t really be that big a deal. Also, fraud is going to be a lot more common in big purchases like computers than in the little things.