Tease-o-Rama weekend wrapup

Rob and Sarah are flying home today. What a weekend, I’m glad I took today off work to rest up a little. Poor Sarai had to go to work on three hours of sleep this morning.

Tease-O-Rama Friday night was a lot of fun. Sarah’s performance was incredibly hot, of course, and made even more impressive by the fact that she did most of it en pointe, which I know is not easy. Aside from her, the Wau Wau Sisters were probably my favorite. Actually, almost all of it was good. Even Dita, who I’m normally not a big fan of, put on a pretty good show.

We skipped the show Saturday night but went to the closing night event/movie screening at the silent movie theatre on Fairfax Sunday night. The Velvet Hammer documentary was interesting, but the other film seemed really pointless and bored me to tears (and I wasn’t the only one). The performers Sunday night were great: Kitten DeVille, The Fishnet Floozys, and a really great belly dancer whose name I don’t remember.

After the event Sunday we had dinner at Swingers and went to an after-party at the most incredible house in Silverlake. It belongs to some performance artist named Carrie something. I don’t even know how to begin describing this place. The house itself was unremarkable, it was the decor that made it. The predominant theme was toys; they were everywhere: on the walls, on the ceiling, in display cases throughout the house, on pretty much every available surface in every room. Each room had its own theme as well: The kitchen was the outer space room, it was decorated with old sci-fi style paintings and posters and had shelves full of plastic robots, spacemen, and aliens. There was also a huge display case along one wall filled with toys ranging from the Power Puff Girls to Gay Bob and Ken dolls. The living room had two cases full of collectors edition Barbie dolls and a tree growing in through the louvered front window and across the ceiling. The staircase was wallpapered in blacklight band posters, lit by blacklight of course. The bedroom was a sort of retro ’60s look with lots of bright colors. It was awesome in the most literal sense, there’s no way my description can do this place justice.

Monday and Tuesday were mostly spent eating, drinking, and shopping. Monday we had dinner at The Stinking Rose and drinks at Boardners and the Lava Lounge. Tuesday, after a failed attempt to find a Mexican place open past 10:00, we ate at Fred 62 in Los Feliz. We originally planned to go to Jumbo’s Clown Room after that but ended up walking down the street to The Dresden instead. We were hoping to see Marty and Elayne play but it was open mike night so they played while other people sang. Still, it wasn’t entirely unamusing. The shopping was mostly done in Hollywood; Rob and Sarah had never been to LA before so we did the obligatory walking-around-Melrose and that sort of thing.

The past week has felt like a vacation to me even though I’m not the one who went anywhere. I’m not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. At least the week is almost over already.