Upcoming events

Lots of interesting shows and things coming up over the next six weeks or so. We just bought tickets for the Goldfrapp show on October 8. Two days after that we’ll be back at the Henry Fonda Theatre to see Sarah perform at Tease-O-Rama. Mojave 3 is playing the Troubadour on November 7 and 8, then it’s back to the Henry Fonda once again on November 14 for Death Cab for Cutie. Plus there are at least two Halloween parties to go to, on October 25 and 31. And I just found out that Lisa Germano will be at The Derby this Friday and Edward Ka-Spel is appearing at the Knitting Factory October 10, the same day Sarah is performing. Whew.

Even with all of this, nothing is going on during the time Sarah and Rob are going to be staying with us, for a couple days after Tease-O-Rama. What is there to do on Monday and Tuesday nights? There’s Spaceland’s free Monday night shows and Blue Mondays, is that it? Bring back Kontrol Faktory!


eliane says:

Don’t worry about us, as long as we have you guys and some alcohol, we’re easily entertained!

I’ll just be so relieved if i survive the whole ordeal that I’ll be a very happy sarah