X11 on OS X

I feel dirty. I just finished installing X11 on my iBook. One of the big attractions of OS X is that I get a Unix desktop (laptop, actually) without having to deal with X. But I wanted to install Ethereal to troubleshoot some weird DNS problems I’m having on the local network and it hasn’t been properly ported to OS X yet.

I installed it via Fink, but it still needs GTK and X for the graphical interface. Tethereal (the non-GUI version) works fine without them, but a GUI is always going to be nicer than running things in a terminal. Nothing will ruin your nice smooth OS X desktop like an ugly GTK application.


raindrops says:

Heh, I just installed X11 this evening on the G4 so I could run OpenOffice; I’ll be making it dual-boot OS X/YellowDog Linux soon, but I neeeded to open an Excel file right now, today.

windows 3.0, athena widgets, etc…….