Berkeley trip

Got back from the Bay area around 10:00 Tuesday night. We had a good time, and it wasn’t very weird at all staying at Stacy’s house when she wasn’t there. Gary is really laid back and gave us a key and told us we were welcome to come and go as we please. Still, I would have liked to have seen him a little more than just Saturday night and Sunday morning. His work schedule conflicted just perfectly with whatever we were doing so we kept just missing each other. Oh well, maybe next time. He and Stacy are both record collectors so to return the favor I’m sending him and Stacy a Subhumans and a Laibach record that didn’t sell in my recent Ebay auctions.

We got in to Berkeley around 8:00 Saturday evening and hung out with Gary and his next door neighbor for a while before going to bed. Sunday we walked with them to a nearby Buddhist temple that has a Thai brunch buffet every Sunday. It was cheap and good and they give you a lot of food. After that we went into the city to meet up with Yen and shop for body jewelry. Sarai got some great clear crystal spirals for her ears. After that we bummed around Haight for a while and went to a bar near Yen’s apartment for a drink. This was around 6:00, and we ended up staying at this bar, the Elbo Room, until after 11:00. The bartender was nice and he had great taste in music. He played My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Nick Cave, and I don’t remember what else, even after the bar started filling up with normals. He also had the bar’s big screen TV tuned to IFC. We talked music for a while and he gave us a bunch of free drinks. Five stars!

Monday and Tuesday were spent in Berkeley, wandering around the UC campus and the surrounding areas. I can’t wait to move up there. As far as the cities themselves go, I’d prefer living in San Francisco over Berkeley, but living in the east bay has certain advantages (parking and cheaper rent, to name two). And it’s not like it’s far from the city, I just wish BART ran after midnight. Next year. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a job up there.