Black Friday

Black friday. Worst. Day. Ever.

If it’s well-known that the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year, you’d think people would avoid shopping then, right? Apparently not. The Starbucks down the street from my work is in a shopping center with a Best Buy, a Bed Bath and Beyond, and a bunch of suburban chain stores like that. I stopped in for a coffee on my way to work yesterday and the parking lot was a madhouse. Of course I’m an idiot too for contributing to the mess, but I was just there for five minutes getting coffee. What’s everyone else’s excuse?

I heard a woman talking about this on NPR a few days ago. She said there are two kinds of shoppers (like “consumers”, I hate the word “shoppers” used like this): those that go out specifically for certain things and like to get in and get out as quickly and painlessly as possible, and those who really enjoy the whole “shopping experience”. Speaking for myself, the very thought of the “shopping experience” is enough to make my head hurt, especially at this time of year. Fuck this, I’m not leaving the house again until January.

My original plan for tonight was to go to a party at Mike’s house. I got the invitation via e-mail a few weeks ago, noted it on my calendar, and deleted the e-mail. This morning I looked at the party info on his web site to check the time, etc, and noticed the date: Nov 22. Oops, I misread the invitation and missed the party by a week. I feel like such a flake. And now I have nothing to do tonight. I’d like to do something, especially since we skipped Release the Bats last night.