Halloween in review

Rewind. Happy Halloween and all that. I’m not particularly fond of this picture, but it will have to do. It was taken at Kyle’s party last weekend. I went as Jesse Custer from the comic Preacher and Sarai was Laura Palmer, wrapped in plastic. The party went well, there were no fights or broken furniture this time. My favorite costumes were the monk with the gas can, Raoul Duke, and Erik the Jewish pimp.

Halloween night we went to Jojo and Darren’s party out in, as the other Darren would say, “the 909″. Surprisingly, their house hadn’t yet burned to the ground. This was also a pretty good party, if a bit smaller than Kyle’s and some of their previous parties. A lot of people weren’t very dressed up — there were lots of boring regular clothes with devil horns type of outfits — but the house was decorated top to bottom, including a homemade electric chair (with real electricity) everyone had to sit in. A total stranger asked me for some of my vodka five minutes after we walked in the door.

We had planned to go to Legion’s party last night but we were still a little tired from going out on Friday. Plus we went to Mi Piace for dinner and a drink yesterday evening and our favorite waitress gave us one of their delicious desserts on the house, so we were totally stuffed and even more tired by the time we got home. I went to sleep at 10:00.


saraicat says:

ha, lies. It wasn’t even 10:00 when you started drifting off.

the electric chair was fun, but I doubt I would have allowed myself to be shocked by a homemade contraption had I been sober.