Network printing

As of about ten minutes ago, I am now able to print from my laptop, over the wireless network, to the USB HP printer attached to my Linux file server (now a file and print server!) via CUPS/IPP. If you saw the headaches involved in getting this set up you would understand why this is a cause for celebration.

What I don’t understand is why something that sounds as simple as printing is one of the most complicated things you can ask a computer to do. It’s easy (for varying definitions of “easy”, depending on what OS you’re using) when the printer is plugged directly into the computer you’re using, but anything fancier than that and you’d better break out the ibuprofen before you even get started. Until now we were having to carry our laptops into the other room where the printer is, but having to plug in cables and things kinda defeats the purpose of portable computers. Too bad we’re still tethered by power cords (it’s 2003, dammit, where’s my perpetual motion machine?).


penance_ says:

>where’s my perpetual motion machine?

UPS tried to deliver it but you weren’t there to sign for it so it got returned to the factory.

kchrist says:

Well that’s ok then because, knowing UPS, it wouldn’t have arrived in one piece anyway.