OS X SMB browsing

Ok, I got SMB network browsing working a little better. There’s an obscure place I needed to change the SMB domain/workgroup name (/Applications/Utilities/Directory Access: SMB -> Configure). By default it says “WORKGROUP”. Changing that to the name of my local Samba network name helped a lot. It’s still not completely seamless, but it’s better.

I want to figure out a way to lock the screen (or I’ll settle for starting the screensaver) from a keyboard combination. I don’t think it’s possible out-of-the-box. I should probably learn some AppleScript.

The Death Cab for Cutie show tonight is sold out. I heard that yesterday morning on KCRW and again in the afternoon when Steve called to say he wouldn’t be going with us after all. I’m glad we got our tickets early. They must be a lot bigger than I thought; they sold out the Henry Fonda Theatre tonight and the Glass House tomorrow night. And Sarai and I were just wondering the other day why they were playing somewhere that size.


kscaldef says:

The Expose preference panel lets you set hot-corner and hot-keys for the screensaver, as well as Expose. (Yeah, that was an intuitive place to put it, huh?)

kchrist says:

That allows me to set either hotcorners or key combinations for Expose, but only hotcorners for the screensaver. I don’t like hotcorners, they’re too easily hit by mistake.

kscaldef says:

Oh… hadn’t noticed that. How silly.