Remedy updates

Spent a couple hours on a conference call today about the Worst Ticketing System Ever, which is gradually being rolled out again. They claim they’ve made some improvements since the last time we tried to use it, mostly in the performance area, but I don’t know if I believe it. My workstation has 512 megs of RAM this thing sucks up most of it. Luckily my boss was on the call too and said she’d order more for everyone.

Needless to say, no changes have been made to the interface, which is like an interface designer’s nightmare. I’m seriously considering going back to running Windows at work so I can use the regular GUI client application, which seems to run ok. On the other hand, I’d like to contribute to the enormous loss of productivity that’s bound to take place once we start using this new system exclusively.


kscaldef says:

I should probably be really grateful that my manager thinks it’s important to not have the programmers’ time wasted by crap like this. When I need to submit a request to one of our groups who uses Remedy, I just email it to her and she submits it with the windows client :-)

kchrist says:

Lucky you. Our manager is actually not the one pushing it. Someone somewhere else in the company decided we would standardize on it and that was pretty much that. We don’t have much choice, they’ve been threatening to discontinue supporting our old system for probably a year now because we’re one of the last groups to move over to it.